Your Education

Your Education

What’s it feel like to blow a hundred-thou in a recession, with no second guessin” – Pusha T of The Clipse.

Good question Pusha, because most of us only know how to blow a couple $1’s.School is really hard to stay in these days (in Cali anyway).With $5.3 billion cut education in alone (roughly $600 million from the CSU and $813 million from the UC)  you can see how the recession is really kicking students’ asses. As result, systems like the CSU are dumping cost onto students. From tuition increases, furlough days (that is less days to actually be in school) and less classes, it seems like we’re paying more for less!
So what does the college student do in such a situation? With your degree in limbo and your checking account slowly bleeding money, how does one stay cheerful and smart in this climate? Here’s some tips

*DISCLAIMER: Most of these suggestions are web-based. If your internet also is turned off or you don’t have a computer, plenty of coffee shops and stores (Like the Apple Store) have free computers, normally hooked up the internet.

Scholarships: This seems rather obvious, but seriously, some people LOVE to give away money. And honestly, despite how generic or pathetic you may see yourself as, there’s a scholarship for you! I recommend and for interest-specific scholarships. Also check your 9 to 5. I’m sure there’s something on the employee webpage!

Free learning: Free you say?! Yes, I do. The internet besides providing copious amounts of LOLCats and Porn, offers tons of ways to learn too! Here are a few websites that will push your mind to a “whole nuva’ level” – Eugene Struthers

TED ( – Watch as brilliant minds present brilliant ideas. Expand your thinking and learn how to change the world (or at least watch others try to).
The Open University ( – Our friends in the United Kingdom came up with a great idea: What if you offered a free education to people who couldn’t make it to a tradition university? Well if you want to learn without going on welfare, Open U may be for you. From Arts and Humanites classes to Nursing, study and learn online at your leisure.
Wikipedia ( – Honestly, you didn’t see this coming? A complete user created online encyclopedia? Seriously, you can learn about ANYTHING here. Of course it’s user created you definitely need to check the sources (located on the bottom), but nonetheless it’s a great learning tool.
SFSU Experimental College ( – Now this one is more local but students of CORE (Campus Organizing Roundtable on Empowerment) at San Franisco State are looking for ways to further learning and awareness of social issues right there on campus. Their website host meetings times and topics. Fight for your rights!

Become a vagrant: If all else fails, just quit it all and live free! The government can take your education, cash, and status, but not your legs or your spirit! (Well not until you’re arrested for stealing food or pissing in a trash can).


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