Camino, my new browser.

Camino viewing the NY Times.

Download this browser. Now.

Firefox and Safari get tons of shine from Mac OS X users (as well as Windows users). I love Safari but I run into compatibility issues here and there. I love Firefox for speed and extensions but on 10.6 (Snow Leopard), it slows to a crawl (or crashes). Both of the process hog the crap out of my CPU and as a result, I searched for something quick and workable.

Behold Camino.

Based on Firefox’s Gecko engine, Camino is essentially Firefox made specifically for Mac OS X. As a result, the team put plenty of time into making this thing WORK, and really, it does. I’m currently posting with it. I still use Firefox and Safari when I need to but for my MacBook, this replaced the Firefox icon.

Download Camino


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