Wikipedia’s explanation of DJ Khaled’s “Fed Up” Music Video

The video opens with DJ Khaled entering an Asian restraunt, at which point Khaled and an unknown buyer attempt to close a deal. After the buyer telling Khaled that the deal was done, Khaled responds by saying “the streets is fed up” and escapes the restruant and being picked up by Young Jeezy. Young Jeezy and Khaled are chased by people on motorcycles sent from the buyer. Jeezy drops Khaled off in an alley and he is picked up by Rick Ross in aMaybach. Ross drops Khaled off at a pier where he is taken off shore on a boat with Drake. While on the water, Khaled and Drake are followed by people on Jet SkisUsher flies in on a helicopter and takes Khaled’s suitcase and flies off to the top of a building where he is greeted by Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Drake, and DJ Khaled. The video ends with the briefcase being opened and reveling Monster headphones playing a snippet of Young Jeezy’s verse from the future single “Put Your Hands Up”.

Utterly ridiculous.


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