May 4 Crime Blotter – Craigslist robbery in Vis Valley « The Inglesider

Sometimes I cover stories on all of district 11, and sometimes I do stuff in the city. Don’t box me in!

Capt. Cassanego sent out a message this morning;

A report came across my desk of a robbery with a knife.  The victim saw an advertisement on Craig’s List for a Microsoft X-Box and agreed to meet the seller in the Sunnydale Public Housing Community.  When the victim arrived, he was told to drive to a unit a block or two away.  Once at the new location, the victim was set upon by two suspects and robbed at knifepoint. Robberies involving Craig’s List ads have been more common in the East Bay, but this is the first I’ve heard of one in the Visitation Valley area.

Craigslist Crime isn’t a new topic. In fact, there’s an entire blog dedicated to it. It’s interesting to see how the internet and crime are slowly becoming merged. The internet is a new crime tool. Generally, it’s reserved for hackers and pedophiles, but I think the 21st Century needs new bad guys (jokes). That said, stay on your toes and bring a friend for any craigslist transaction.

Full Blotter

Incident Date:
Monday, May 3rd, 2010


07:06 pm          Mission/Onondaga              Warrant Arrest
Officers Dominguez and Carrasco observed a pedestrian commit a traffic violation, crossing against a red light.  The officers stopped the pedestrian and ran a warrant check finding that he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest.  The warrant was confirmed and he was taken into custody and booked.  Report number 090382012

11:23 pm          4200 blk Mission              Marijuana Sales Arrest
Officers Padilla and Tam observed two vehicles parked in the parking lot of a closed restaurant.  The vehicles were both occupied by numerous young adult males. The officers approached the vehicles and smelled the odor of marijuana.  One of the occupants told the officers that he was on probation with a search condition.  The vehicle occupants and the vehicles were searched.  The officers located marijuana packaged for sales, scales, and plastic baggies.  The officers also found prescription narcotic medication for which no one had a prescription.  The driver of one of the vehicles admitted ownership of all of the illicit substances.  The suspect was taken into custody and booked.  Report number 100410636

Other incidents:

10:47am           1500 blk Sunnydale                  Burglary
Officer Vizcay and Officer Creed responded to the report of a possible home invasion with multiple other units. They spoke with the reportee who said that she watched from her home as 4 male suspects broke into the house behind hers. The suspects broke a window to gain entry and left the house before police arrived. There were no residents inside the house, and nothing was reported stolen. Report number 100407401

12:20am           100 blk Appleton              Theft
Officer Hart and Officer Duffin responded to the report of a theft. The victim said that she was missing a wicker chair from the rear of her apartment. She thought it was at the front of another residence although she could not prove that chair in particular was her chair. The resident of that apartment showed that he had another chair of the same type inside,
and claimed to have bought them as a set.

05:35pm           200 blk Blythdale             Burglary
Officer Gabriel and Officer Apodaca were on patrol when they were flagged down regarding a burglary. The victim said that she returned home to find that her house had been broken into and that three pieces of jewelry were
missing. Report number 100405405

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