Here’s any of my work that combines audio, photo and video! You will also find miscellaneous media here!

County Workers rall in SF to protest court closing (SEIU Local 521, Summer 2009) [Written + Video + Photo]

SEIU county court workers from throughout the state marched in front of the State Building in San Francisco Thursday to protest plans to shut down courts one day each month.

A group of representatives from the crowd of 200-plus was invited inside for a meeting with the Administrative Office of the Courts. Linda Sepulveda, a Santa Cruz Court worker and Local 521 Chapter Chair, was among the few who spoke inside, warning of real-life consequences to real-life people

More @ SEIU Local 521

Google Map of Ingleside (Inglesider Blog, Spring 2010) [Interactive + Written]

Ingleside Presbyterian Food Service (Inglesider Blog, Spring 2010) [Voice + Photo]

Click to view audio slideshow

This audio slideshow details a Thursday morning at IPC. I shot all photos using a Canon G9 in manual shot. Members from the community meet early at the church to unpack food from the food bank truck and set it up to be passed out. Afterward, they take the share of food and the pass out begins. The process takes a total of two hours. Most of the patrons are monolingual Chinese, but smiles and pointing moves the line along.

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