Here are audio productions I’ve put together!

Interview with Ingleside Resident Max Gerhardt (via Inglesider Blog, Spring 2010)

Welcome to the Inglesider Podcast. In these various audio clips, I will interview residents, community members, politicians, merchants and any relative to the district as well as the greater OMI and District 11. For the first interview, I interview Max Gerhardt, a student and musician from the Ingleside district. While he doesn’t discuss his music, he does go into detail about how we ended up in the Ingleside, his perceptions of the neighborhood and accidents he’s seen happen.

Max’s music can be heard here. He recently released his own instrumental album “Edumacation” earlier this year.

Interview with Daniel Homsey of NEN & Miranda Vasquez of Stonestown YMCA (Inglesider Blog, Spring 2010)

In this installment of the Inglesider Podcast, I talk to Daniel Homsey of the San Francisco Neighborhood Empowerment Networkand Miranda Vasquez with Stonestown Family YMCA. We talk earthquakes. Haiti. Chile. SF. No, san francisco hasn’t had an earthquakes (yet), but considering we sit alongside the San Andreas and Hayward Faults, you know something is bound to happen soon. So what do these two folks have to say? Tune in and find out!

P.S., There was a lot of stuff I had to chop for this podcast (this includes extra interviews and the full interviews themselves). I was crunched for space and time in this podcast so, stay tuned for a more full featured version! Also, the music you will in these podcast is made by me. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.


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